J-hope 'Airplane' MV 🔥REACTION/REVIEW🔥

Issa Migas

Issa Migas

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J-hope 'Airplane' MV  🔥REACTION/REVIEW🔥
J-hope 'Airplane' MV  🔥REACTION/REVIEW🔥
J-hope 'Airplane' MV  🔥REACTION/REVIEW🔥
J-hope 'Airplane' MV  🔥REACTION/REVIEW🔥
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2018-03-13 05:33:56

You gotta check out Baseline & Hangsang ft Supreme Boi both are by him!! Both are bangers, baseline is low key a twerk song lmaoo but yeah, there's no music videos only lyric videos. Also don't know if you know this already but he is apart of BTS :))!

2018-03-11 19:34:12

React to NCT U BOSS

2018-03-11 14:54:55

Can you react to Z-ro "Lit Up"

Link: youtu.be/tB0NNiz4jFM youtu.be/tB0NNiz4jFM

2018-03-10 06:55:15

Please reaction blackpink boombayah

2018-03-10 06:47:40


2018-03-09 14:58:57

Still waiting for the Moroccan rap reaction..
Toto - Pablo
SHOBEE (Shayfeen), LAYLOW, MADD — Money Call
Lbenj - Blanc Noir
7liwa ft Laioung - La Fafa
Shayfeen - OMG
7ari - L'oseille
LFERDA - 9GT ft. L3issabaMuzik
7liwa - kmi kmi kmi
7liwa - mi amore

2018-03-09 14:29:44

Love your reactions!
Someone said it in a previous video but, you don't have to cut up the songs. Their company doesn't copyright videos from their channel. So please just let it play...the cutting up makes it hard to listen to the video.
Also there are subtitles available for each of their vids. The translations are correct but sometimes the meaning and cultural references get lost in literal translation :/ .

They have content called BangtanBombs and BTS RUN. The BangtanBombs are on their other Channel BANGTAN TV and they have their dance practice as well as behind the scenes of the making of their videos and more. Saw you're interested in the filming of their vids~ the secret of all is there.

Run BTS is from a video streaming app caleld V-Live, which I HIGHLY recommend you download and subscribe to their channel, they do live videos on it from time to time, just talking with fans and reading/answering the comments.

On their Vlive acct they have Run BTS episodes which is like a variety show where the staff has them do games and activities. It's so entertaining. A lot of our fandom memes come from there.
Vlive has all videos subbed in multiple languages but some people still re-upload to youtube so you can definitely find recent BTS run episodes on youtube. Justdon'tshowthelogooftheapp.theytendtogoarounddeletingstuffwiththelogoinit.

2018-03-09 06:45:30

you should react to agust-d he is a rapper from bts,put on CC b'cause he's spit some fire

2018-03-08 17:55:58

That's right girls !!!!! This is art and this is what we have to admire, not only drugs, naked girls and lame rap! BTW J-hope is a member of BTS- he is one of the rappers. There is 2 more rappers- Suga( a.k.a AGUST D) and RM ( he is the lieder of BTS and he is the one who the two of you can't share :D <3 Please react to:
BTS 3J (J-hope, Jimin, Jungkook - the main dancers of BTS) dance performance - ak9YMSHKfJM ak9YMSHKfJM
RM ft. WALE - Change 9rAyprZdo7o 9rAyprZdo7o

2018-03-08 09:39:27


2018-03-08 00:38:19

Please! React to Daydream by J-hope you all would love it! By the way Love you alls Vids💜💜

2018-03-07 22:56:06

Also react to BTS War of Hormone

2018-03-07 22:52:28


2018-03-07 22:45:22

GOT7 teenager

2018-03-07 22:38:16

reaction to mobb full house

2018-03-07 22:35:43

can leomaryt do a twerk cover to BTS in booty shorts?

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