j-hope - Airplane MV reaction [UPDATE ON THE CHANNEL]



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j-hope - Airplane MV reaction [UPDATE ON THE CHANNEL]
j-hope - Airplane MV reaction [UPDATE ON THE CHANNEL]
j-hope - Airplane MV reaction [UPDATE ON THE CHANNEL]
j-hope - Airplane MV reaction [UPDATE ON THE CHANNEL]
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Комментарии пользователей:
2019-01-28 03:25:32

J-hopeeeeeeee 😍😍😍

2018-07-08 05:37:32

I just want to say that I absolutely love J-Hope's rapping voice. It's so unique and I can always tell when he raps in BTS songs

2018-05-07 04:25:55

5Bc0W2fy6Lg&t=0m54s 0:54 it’s sad how much I relate

2018-04-08 19:35:38

You talk to much

2018-04-04 15:55:31

I love Hixtape and Airplane is great, but I really hope that he doesn’t perform a lot of this stuff live. That thing that he does at the end of phrases pushing into his lower register will make him lose his voice fast. He does it a lot and I know his voice must hurt after doing it. He CANNOT do that on a regular basis, and he really shouldn’t try to do it at all. I don’t want to lose Hobi’s voice in our lives. He needs to be careful, and for the love of God, Bang PD Nim please get those boys a REAL vocal coach so that this stuff doesn’t happen. I love these boys and I don’t want the future that they are running toward vocally to happen.

2018-03-30 15:54:55

Subscribed😂 Being kpop lover❤, totally relatable🔥

2018-03-28 14:41:58

Fact time whooop
The people shouting aeroplane towards the end of the song are the rest of bts!! They are som much like a family it is unreal!!

Praying for your channel not to get taken down!!! I live your videos and you are so relatable🙏

2018-03-27 08:17:31

I like that jacket with Korean flag 🇰🇷 5Bc0W2fy6Lg&t=2m32s 2:32

2018-03-27 01:57:22

Did he even notice where they screamed airplane it was the other members? Like you can mainly hear suga

2018-03-23 09:51:13

JREKML Fighting!!!

2018-03-22 16:16:16

I keep replaying that part 5Bc0W2fy6Lg&t=0m47s 0:47 - 5Bc0W2fy6Lg&t=0m55s 0:55

2018-03-21 04:36:12

J hope is amazing.. And you Awesome😂😂😍

2018-03-16 06:26:38

do you like bts if you do whoes your fav

2018-03-14 04:37:34

Lowkey almost killed myself head banging so hard at my little table in my room how nice 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

2018-03-13 21:19:39

i hope your channel doesn't get deleted it's the best

2018-03-13 05:37:44

This was me when I first saw airplane 😂

2018-03-13 04:55:43


2018-03-13 01:00:43

I think we gon need some Korean subtitles on ur videos~

2018-03-12 08:32:50

yo i love this background wherever you are the aesthetic is,, yes.

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